Städtischer Friedhof III, Schoeneberg

I am not in Berlin. I’m in France, where I’m doing what I suppose I can only call the last things I’ll be able to do for my father while he’s alive. It’s been a matter of days for weeks, no, months, because he’s tough, but as I take over night duty from my mum, I wonder whether he’ll be alive in the morning. Maybe that’s why, the day before I came here, I went wandering around Friedhof III in the rain. I love that it’s just called Friedhof III. So appropriate, I suppose – when we go, we’re all the same.

I took some photos. Marlene Dietrich is the best known resident of Friedhof III. She could be anybody, couldn’t she?


Except that my daughter wouldn’t have made this for any old stranger, so maybe my theory is wrong.


Here are some more pictures of the things I like about Friedhof III.



DSCN0832There was a tiny mouse scurrying around behind this one. I wonder why…




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